Len Cuthbert
Performance rights to all the plays and musicals listed below are available from either the author or publisher as noted. Every script has been produced, tried and tested before an audience. Information about most of those productions can be seen at www.OnStageLive.ca. Any queries can be made directly by email. Thank you!


SYNOPSIS: Two estranged cousins Morgan and Lennox stumble across a stange historical artifact in the woods, leading them on a metatheatrical journey. When a mysterious FBI Agent appears to collect the item, the tables are turned, and turned, and turned again. Staged at the 2021 London Fringe Festival, 2022 Toronto Fringe Festival and 2022 Newmarket International One Act Play Festival.
THEMES: Comedy, NASA, Space Shuttle Columbia, Nacogdoches, Ilan Ramon, Petr Ginz
CHARACTERS: 3 (2 teens - 20's; 1 older) (flexible gender)
LENGTH: 60 minutes
PERFORMANCE RIGHTS Original Works Publishing

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Reunited Shorts
SYNOPSIS: A collection of 6 unique short plays about reunions; the awkward, humorous and emotional experience of humans coming together ... again.
THEMES: Reuninons, friends, dating, lawyers, WW2, Anne Frank, John McGee, marriage, aviation, transgender, passive euthanasia.
CHARACTERS: 2-7 female (20's); 1-5 male (20's)
LENGTH: 60 minutes
PERFORMANCE RIGHTS: Dramatic Publishing

Faded Shorts
SYNOPSIS: A collection of 7 unique short plays about the mysteries of life and beyond.
THEMES: Death, disease, relatives, WW2, future, relativity, space, artificial intelligence, time travel, Rostock, Germany
CHARACTERS: 2-12 female (20's); 1 flexible (20's)
LENGTH: 60 minutes

Lawrence Station

On October 30, 1941, American Airlines 1 / AM7 was enroute from NYC to Chicao. During the leg from Buffalo to Detroit, it crashed in a farmer's field in Lawrence Station, ON, 20 km South of London.This play is about the life stories that were instantly altered by the final flight of the Flagship Erie and the loss of 17 passengers and 3 flightcrew members.

THEMES: Aviation. History. Southwold Township. American Airlines. USA and Canada.
CHARACTERS: 3 females (20-30's)
LENGTH: 90 minutes. 1 Act

Grace Mission Musical
SYNOPSIS: Seven Grade 12 students are in their final year of high school. The guys have a band and want to enter a big music contest but need one more guy to compete. The girls want to be part of it but don't have the musical talent, so they think. Enter O'Grady, a new student, the perfect addition to the guys dilemma. But by the time prom night arrives, everything about O'Grady's past, present and future will have created enough chaos to leave everyone pondering the values of life, acceptance, and grace.
THEMES: Second chances, grace, justice, acceptance, space
CHARACTERS: 3 male HS Students; 4 female HS Students
LENGTH: 120 minutes. 2 Acts

Short of 30
SYNOPSIS: Seven posthumous WW2 heroes under the age of 30 arrive at a playground after their death. While there, they discover their heroic role in life, and their ability to inspire those still fighting to win the war.
THEMES: Being inspired, inspiring others, WW1, WW2, WW3, learning from History, resistance, aviation, John McGee Jr., Marina Raskova, Sophia Scholl, Lepa Raic, Noor Khan, Petr Ginz, Anne Frank.
CHARACTERS: 5 female 16-30 yo; 2 male 16-19 yo; 1 flexible (possible doubling); Band; Optional unlimited ensemble
LENGTH: 120 minutes. 1 Act

SYNOPSIS: Jade has a history of being the victim of abandonment. As a result, she struggles with her relationship to Delilah, Mick and 12-year old Dee-J - the people she is closest to. Her survival mechanism is to be in control of her own life and everyone else's. But that ability to control is threatened when she faces one of the ultimate difficult decisions in her life.
REVIEWS: Heartwarming and humourous
A Powerful, Relatable Story
Delilah delights. An outstanding play
The Beat Magazine, London, ON
The London Free Press
THEMES: Family, Fostering, Adoption, Coming of Age, Right to Live, Child abuse, Abandonment, Right to die. Comedy / Drama
CHARACTERS: 1 male (20-30); 3 female, (20's, 20's, 13)
LENGTH: 120 minutes. 2 Acts

Finding Fox
SYNOPSIS: A high school drama teacher is approached in the airport waiting lounge by a young lady who says she knows him. Through a series of additional scenes from the past to the future, it is evident that we have the potential to impact lives beyond our reach.
THEMES: Teachers / Professors, dysfunctional people making a difference, inspiring others
CHARACTERS: 3 female, (about 19, 26, 50's); 1 male (Age 50's); 1 Flexible (Busker)
LENGTH: 120 minutes. 2 Acts

SYNOPSIS: On the night Chet is supposed to propose to his fiance, he finds himself locked in a custodial closet at a movie theater with a strange woman who is a big fan of The Wizard of Oz. Soon, the two are dressing up and dancing around like Wizard of Oz characters in this asylum of mops and brooms. Chet's future happiness depends on whether he can escape from this freak-show-in-a-closet ... or does it?! Opportunities for physical comedy are endless in this clever, quirky, award-winning comedy.
THEMES: Wizard of Oz, dating, marriage, engagement, movie theatre
CHARACTERS: 2 female (20's); 1 male (20's); 1 flexible
LENGTH: 60 minutes.

The Maladroit Romeo
SYNOPSIS: A collection of 3 short plays, about a young couple, Bob and Angelina.
Angelina is meeting Bob at the library where they first met nine and a half months ago. Except for bordering a tragedy, this marriage proposal is no Romeo and Juliet.
A man keeps waking up from a horrible dream only to discover that he's still dreaming. Or is he?
ONE YEAR ONE DAY: Bob and Angelina experience the art of communication as they celebrate one year one day.
THEMES: Marriage, Engagement, Proposal, Nighmares, Anniversary
CHARACTERS: 1 female, (20's); 1 male (20's)
LENGTH: 40 minutes combined

4 In A Loo
SYNOPSIS: A collection of four 10-minute plays
SHANNON IS GONE: A bride abruptly stops her wedding ceremony, arguing with her groom about the meaning of the song he has selected to sing. In the end she storms out, only to the relief of the groom who had used the circumstance to get himself out of the abusive relationship.
JACK'S DILEMMA: Jack arrives at a local diner and tries to make amends with a long-lost friend by offering him a cup of coffee, some money, and a heart-felt apology. The only problem is that the man at the diner is a total stranger.
4 IN A LOO: 4 desperate college students fight for the use of a small, cramped bathroom.
DEATH BY DYSLEXIA: An assisted suicide gone bad goes worse when the victim takes the job into his own hands.
THEMES: Marriage, wedding, forgiveness, college, hit man.
CHARACTERS: 1 female, (20's); 4-10 male (20's)
LENGTH: 50 minutes

Time Is The Season
SYNOPSIS: A successful businessman goes to the same restaurant and orders the same thing every day -- a steak sandwich. But on this day, the man's normal routine is upset by an appalling reality -- absolutely everything in the restaurant has changed. After enduring atrocious service and a horrible meal, the man gets up to leave but finds that the door to the restaurant has disappeared. Trapped in a restaurant from hell, this modern-day Scrooge is confronted by an unruly host of "angels" who give him a holiday gift he'll never forget!
THEMES: Christmas, Holiday, Angels, Comedy, Employers
CHARACTERS: 1 male; 5 flexible
LENGTH: 30 minutes

True Colors
SYNOPSIS: A youth theatre cast are preparing to stage the musical Joseph for a drama contest. Ironically, some of the cast members become jealous of the lead actor, who seems to be favored by the director. When they devise a plan to oust him, the production gets derailed and their chance to compete in the contest is jeopardized.
THEMES: Jealousy, Teen, Joseph, Musical
CHARACTERS: 8-20 flexible gender
LENGTH: 30 minutes